How to reduce the machining error of the biaxial cnc machine

biaxial cnc machine

In order to improve the machining accuracy of the biaxial cnc machine, the error compensation method and the error prevention method can be used.

First, the biaxial cnc machine manufacturer will introduce you to the error compensation method

The error compensation method is a method to make use of the compensation function of the CNC lathe system to compensate the existing errors of the lathe by coordinate axis, so as to improve the accuracy of the CNC lathe. Improving the precision of CNC lathes is an effective and economical means. With error compensation technology, high-precision parts can be machined with lower accuracy on CNC lathes. The implementation of error compensation can be done by hardware or software.

1. The programming method can realize the interpolation processing of CNC lathes when the mechanical parts are unchanged and the low speed unidirectional positioning reaches the interpolation starting point. In the process of interpolation, when the feed is reversed, the formal interpolation of the clearance value can meet the tolerance requirements of the part. Other types of CNC lathes can provide multiple addresses in the memory of the CNC device to be used as a dedicated storage unit to store the reverse drift value for each shaft. When the axis of the CNC lathe is instructed to change the direction of movement,

The cnc device of the biaxial cnc machine reads the reverse clearance value of the shaft from time to time, compensates and corrects the coordinate displacement command value, and positions the lathe accurately at the specified position according to the requirements, thereby eliminating or reducing the impact of the reverse deviation on the machining accuracy of the part.

2. For CNC lathes with semi-closed loop servo system, the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the lathe are affected by reverse deviation, which further affects the machining accuracy of the machined parts. For the error in this case, compensation methods can be used to compensate for the reverse deviation and reduce the accuracy error of the machined part. Today, many CNC lathes in China's machining industry have positioning accuracy of more than 0.02mm, this lathe generally has no compensation function, and in some cases can use programming methods to achieve its unit positioning and clear the reverse clearance.

Second, other methods

The machining accuracy error caused by the geometric parameters of the turning tool can be solved in the following ways: during the programming process, the trajectory of the tool tip is consistent with the machining contour of the part and the ideal contour, that is, the actual circular arc trajectory of the tool tip is converted into the imaginary trajectory of the tool tip through manual calculation before the programming, so as to achieve zero error in theory as far as possible. At the same time, it is also extremely important to take the center of the knife-tip arc as the tool point in the programming process, because the drawing of the center track of the knife-tip arc and the calculation of its feature points in the process are complicated, and a slight mistake will cause a great error. In order to avoid and reduce the error, this operation can be completed by using the CAD software's medium distance line drawing function and the coordinate query function of the point. However, when processing with this method, pay attention to check whether the value of the tool tip arc radius used is consistent with the value in the program, and pay attention to taking the value into account when the knife is used.

biaxial cnc machine